Welcome to www.arlowerpartskit.com.  Here you will find information, reviews and facts about various ar lower parts kit.

There are a variety of brands and options when it comes to lower parts kit. You can get them without the fcg (fire control group), with out the black A2 grip that no one seems to use anyway. Some lower parts kits have the option for an improved two stage trigger group, an upgraded pistol grip and even left handed and ambidextrous safety selectors. You must decide which kit has the options that appeal to you.

The lower parts kit is made up of many pieces, usually they include;

Trigger Spring
Trigger Pin
Hammer Spring
Hammer Pin
Disconnector Spring
Trigger Guard
Trigger Guard Roll Pin
Safety Selector
Safety Selector Spring
Safety Selector Detent
Take Down Pin
Take Down Pin Spring
Take Down Pin Detent
Pivot Pin
Pivot Pin Spring
Pivot Pin Detent
Magazine Catch
Magazine Catch Spring
Magazine Catch Button
Bolt Catch
Bolt Catch Spring
Bolt Catch Detent
Bolt Catch Roll Pin
Buffer Retainer
Buffer Retainer Spring

There are lower parts kits available without the the trigger group. This is a good option if you plan on using an upgraded trigger, like a two stage trigger. It saves you from buying parts that you will not need.

There are more and more manufactures of ar lower parts kits now than there have ever been.  Companies like Bushmaster, Colt, CMMG, Double Star, DPMS, Olympic Arms, Rock River Arms, Stag Arms and more every day.

Availability also comes into the decision process. A quality lower parts kit will do you no good if it takes the vendor 5 months to ship it. With the increase in manufacturers, there has also increased demand. Since the 2012 election, some manufacturers are sold out until they can catch up.

Check out any of the various online forums relating to the ar-15 and you will quickly find out what vendors and brands are good, and which ones to stay away from. Some are notoriously slow and others are slow and have pathetic quality control.