What Is The Best AR-15 Lower Parts Kit

While which is the best ar 15 lower parts kit could be debated forever, as long as you stick with a brand name, you should be good to go.  It is not uncommon to have a kit that is missing a spring or a detent here or there.  Usually a call to the manufacturer will have a replacement part sent on its way.  Regardless of the brand, all the kits install the same way.

Things to keep in mind when selecting a lower parts kit;

  • What Kind Of Grip Do I want?
  • What Color Of Grip Do I Want?
  • Do I Want A Single Stage Trigger?
  • Do I Want A Two Stage Trigger?
  • Am I OK With Upgrading A Single Stage Down The Road?
  • Do I Need A Grip?
  • Do I Want/Need A Left Handed Safety Selector In My Parts Kit?
  • Do I Want/ Need An Ambidextrous Safety Selector?

What is the best ar15 lower parts kit depends on WHAT YOU will be using that firearm for.  Contrary to what a lot of fan boys will tell you, if you buy a lower parts kit from companies like Daniel Defense, Double Star, DPMS, LMT, Rock River Arms, Spikes Tactical or Stag Arms, you will likely get years of trouble free service out of it.